A person profile page is created for every person on your tree.  It may include photos, records, images, pdfs and/or videos about them; a linked tree chart of their nearest relatives; a timeline of their life; research notes and documentation about their life; sources; and a timeline of US or world history happening during their era.  (It often is many pages long.)

Appearance varies in templates .

Sample Person


For less than the cost of most pro websites, we research to fill out your tree AND create a website of your tree.

There are no extra fees, beyond paying for the time it takes us to research your tree and, if desired, build your family tree and related website.  There is no additional cost and no annual fee for the website - and a domain is included, courtesy of our MFT software.

There are 18 design templates for your website, which easily can be swapped to suit your taste.  Most have several color options.  We will recommend templates - and you give us thumbs up or down.  The website also includes:

Every family has a tree.

Let us build yours!


~  Numerous statistical charts that analyze your total family – noting average

     life spans, places of birth, year of birth, most common surnames, etc.

~ A section of custom reports and colorful charts about individual family

   members, direct ancestors or descendants, or your extended tree.

~  The option to make your tree website public or private.

~  The option of having a secure login for your family.