Every family has a tree.

Let us build yours!


We send you digital copies as MacFamilyTree, GEDCOM or email files & offer a tree website and/or book!

You choose your preferred digital format, with options including Mac Family Tree.

We use the newest, updated version of the state-of-the-art MacFamilyTree genealogy software and have for a decade.  It is Tree Share Certified.

It helps organize and interpret facts and data about family history and turns that into informative person profiles, reports and charts to save family tree researchers' valuable time and to make your final tree easy and pleasing for you and your family to browse.

Mac Family Tree (MFT) also can translate your new tree data into a website and/or a book. That means you and your family don't need any of your own genealogy software – and don't need any computer technical skills. You and an unlimited number of family members may simply browse the website online. The book pdf may be browsed on any computer or printed.

But, if you prefer to use most any type of genealogy software, we can send you MFT or GEDCOM files of your final tree, which is the standard of the industry for genealogical file sharing to be used on either PC or Mac software of many types. Even the website translates to most other genealogy software, according to MFT.

If you don't use genealogy software and don't want to use a website, we will email you digital copies of the book, person and family reports, documentation, charts, tree graphics, photos, custom maps, and any relevant information we find about your ancestors through the ages!


We find vital records, census, wills, bios, etc.
We add photos, create custom maps & graphics
We build trees from the start or add to them