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I am a veteran journalist with 25 years of professional experience in research and writing. I have about 20 years experience tracing family trees, which is my avocation and a passion. For more than a decade, I have turned my genealogy research into family trees with the latest genealogy software.

I build any level of family tree for families, with or without a website, or conduct targeted research to solve specific genealogy problems. (I also will build service-oriented websites for other genealogists.)

​I have traced ancestors for clients and for my own tree to every corner of America and more than 35 foreign countries. Numerous ancestral lines have been traced back to the 14th Century with some as early as the 12 Century.

For my clients, I use top genealogy and governmental archival search sources, and also have developed an arsenal of alternative sources – including a network of genealogists to work through hard-to-solve tree branches.  I use many libraries, as needed, including the US National Archives and The Library of Congress, as well as state archives and countless other databases.

I am a graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia School of Journalism, which is widely considered to be the best journalism school in the world. In addition to decades of writing and researching news stories, my other research experience includes editing and writing medical journal papers. So I enjoy the research challenges and human interest aspects of charting trees. I'm a
 fifth-generation native of Jasper County, in southwest Missouri.

I have never built a tree that didn't uncover intriguing people and inspiring histories. Let me discover your family's unique stories.

                           LESLIE MYERS       

"The past is not dead.

"It isn't even past."

William Faulkner


Every family has a tree.

Let us build yours!


We find your family's story

Your ancestors will 'live again' for your children

At Find Family Trees, we build family trees from the start, or add new branches, or solve family history tracing problems.  We can turn your ancestry information into genealogical databases and stories with exciting, informative graphics.  We send the finished work in the format of your choosing - as transferrable GEDCOM files, as complete Mac Family Tree .mftpkg files, or as emailed ancestor and descendant charts and reports, with graphics. A free public or private website is offered to display larger trees. It is simply suited to your request.

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